Successfully Manage Type 2 Diabetes With Diet and Exercise

manage type 2 diabetes

Managing Type 2 Diabetes

Have you recently been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes?

Have you had it for some time and just need some ways to manage it better?

Diabetes need not be a label you put on yourself, leaving you to live a limited life.

With just a few lifestyle changes, better choices and a little bit of work, you can get back to living your life.

While your Doctor may have suggested things such as losing weight, one of the most important things you need to take into account are the foods and drinks you are consuming.

Some foods and drinks may not SEEM like they are doing much to your body, but you will definitely feel their effects if you aren’t careful.

Let’s take a look at a few that you should be keeping an eye on.

Managing Type 2 Diabetes -The Three S’s To Avoid

With the many different drinks, snacks and foods around us in our everyday lives, it can be difficult.

We are surrounded when we enter the break room at work, when we visit friends or even when we stop in at our local gas stations to get some fuel.

Here are three S’s you will want to avoid as you go about your day.


Manage Type 2 DiabetesYes, soda. As difficult as this one may be to give up, your health is at risk just by consuming one can a day.

With the ability to refill drinks at fast food places or sitting down in a restaurant, you need to be EXTREMELY careful when reaching for a glass.

You can easily consume a glass or two without even noticing.

There ARE some alternatives for you to choose from.

You can go with a glass of water, some tea or even coffee. The key is to avoid sugar filled drinks as best as you can, especially if the ingredients are unknown to you.

When all else fails, reach for a glass of water. It will help fill you up AND you know it’s safe for your Type 2 Diabetes.


ManageType 2 DiabetesWalk into your local grocery store, and you will find yourself surrounded by candy bars, donuts, sugary snacks and all of the foods that can wreak havoc on your Type 2 Diabetes.

When you attend a party or gathering, it seems that the tables are filled with these tasty treats.

Yes, they are delicious, BUT you will be paying for it if you do decide to reach for that calorie-filled sugary donut.

While you cannot control what other people bring to a party or get-together, you CAN control what you bring.

Unfortunately, if you are caught in a situation where the snacks are limited, you may be tempted to reach for an unhealthy snack.

TIP FOR MANAGING TYPE 2 DIABETES:  Bring the foods you should and can eat to the party.

If you know everyone else will be bringing pastries and other foods that can ruin your Type 2 Diabetes diet, then bring something you can share and eat.

Some snacks others will definitely enjoy are things such as popcorn, carrot sticks and string cheese.

Sneaky Sugars

Manage Type 2 DiabetesThere are some foods that we cook up that just don’t seem to scream “Watch Out! Sugar Up Ahead!”

These types of foods can easily get eaten up without a second thought.

In fact, even if you don’t have diabetes you should be keeping an eye on these foods, because consuming too many of them could potentially increase your risks.

Okay, so you may be asking – “What Foods?”

Are you ready?

How about starches like potatoes and white rice.

Yes, unfortunately, these may have become a staple at your meals, BUT you need to watch how much of them you are eating.

With potatoes, you just may need to watch the portion size and preparation to be able to enjoy them. Just don’t go too crazy and help yourself to all the leftover mashed potatoes.

With rice you may want to opt for brown, instead of white. Brown rice doesn’t have the same effect on your body as white rice, so choosing this alternative will still give you your rice fix, BUT at a much healthier rate.

Now that you are watching your diet, there are a few other things you can do to help manage your Type 2 Diabetes.


Managing Type 2 Diabetes -The Three S’s That Can Help

Now that you are avoiding soda, sweets and sneaky sugars while managing Type 2 Diabetes there are three other S’s you shouldn’t avoid.

Here’s a closer look.

Strength Training

Cardiovascular exercise will help with the absorption of insulin, but what will really kick it into high gear is to engage in strength training.

Don’t let that phrase turn you off. If you are not into weightlifting, then there’s no need to worry, you can still get this type of exercise in.

Just go back to your days in school when you performed exercises in your Physical Education class.

You can do things such as push-ups, squats, sit-ups and more. Just be sure to get your entire body going and moving.

Stress Relieving Activities

Stress isn’t good for your body.

It sure isn’t good for your Type 2 Diabetes.

Stress can affect your blood glucose levels, which is why you want to avoid it as much as possible.

If there are hobbies or activities that you enjoy doing that will help with your stress relief, then be sure to participate in them regularly.

Some of these activities may be things like yoga or even meditating. Anything you can do to help bring those stress levels down will help.

Sleep Regulation

It’s been found that individuals with diabetes have less than ideal sleeping habits.

While some may get too much sleep, others can’t get enough.

Sleep regulation is important in controlling your diabetes.

If you feel that you may be experiencing other sleep issues such as sleep apnea, then it’s vital that you speak to your Doctor about it immediately.

Sleep also has another nice by product – it helps you to relax (stress relief), it helps you to combat eating foods you shouldn’t and can get you rested to function at your best when you get up.

What Should You Do About Managing Type 2 Diabetes?

It’s crucial for you to watch your diet, exercise and weight, if you have recently been diagnosed, or have had for some time, Type 2 Diabetes.



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